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Splitska riwiera

Split Riviera climate

Split Riviera climate is one of the sunniest in central Dalmatia and the Mediterranean. Split Riviera climate is characterised by mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers, with many hours of sunshine.

On average, there are 2,700 hours of sunshine on Split Riviera annually. So it enjoys mild and moderate Mediterranean weather with average air temperatures around 7°C in January and 25°C in July.

The sea plays a major role in determining the Split Riviera climate. In summer, it is cooler, but in winter, warmer than the surrounding air, which has a favourable effect on the weather. The sea reaches temperatures of around 24-25°C in summer, and cools gradually during the autumn, so that the islands and mainland shore stay relatively warm, until it reaches its lowest temperatures in winter (9°C).

Although summer winds are not strong, there is a daily circulation of air in the form of the refreshing maestral, which blows from the sea, and changes into the evening burina, bringing cooler air from the surrounding hills.

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